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Dark knight


The knight in shining armour – the ultimate symbol of grandeur. With palm-shaped blades packed into a sleek futuristic design, this fan can blend seamlessly into any living space. 69

Dark shadow


Here’s a fan that wins blades down – literally. Yet another shining example of the creativity in the Fanzart think-tank, this remote-controlled beauty comes with specially-designed, foldable, transparent acrylic-fine blades. Available in both matt silver as well as black colour schemes, the ‘Shadow’ is also equipped with a light kit.



To be desirable is one thing, to be ‘Desire’ itself is another. The ‘Desire’ comes with palm-shaped ABS blades, crafted by master designers at Fanzart. Another feature that enhances the beauty of this designer fan is its mesmerizing crystal-studded LED dome, accentuated by its low hanging design. Due to its robustness and versatility, the Desire also doubles up as an outdoor fan.

Dew Drops (Chrome/Black)


Inspired by one of the most beautiful sights found in nature, ‘DEWDROPS’ lets you relive the freshness of dawn everytime you lay your eyes on this spectacle of grandeur. LED lights make the drop-shaped crystals that adorn the dome glisten,as the scythe-shaped blades fill the room with cool breeze in this blissful blend of cutting-edge technology and ethereal beauty. Complete with a remote control, Dew Drops is definitely a designer fan that has it all.



Inspired by one of the greatest symbols of female beauty, the Diana’s sheer elegance and classy design is sure to remind the onlooker of the princess once hailed as the embodiment of pulchritude. In addition to the exquisite artwork and regal wooden blades, this remarkable feat of engineering and creativity comes with a twin-bulb light kit and a remote control option.

Divine (Coffee/White)


The Divine comes with a halo LED ring. When switched on, a divine-like glow reflects on the blades of the fan giving the room a heavenly feel. This fan is available in coffee brown and matte white. It also comes with multicolour LED options, as well as Fanzart’s unique summer-winter feature.



“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” Be it the reversible dual colour special wooden blades or the captivating design of the LED mounted dome, the ‘Elegance’ wooden-classical fan has all it takes to linger in the minds of onlookers.



Sleek, simplistic, and streamlined. The subtlety of Feather accentuates the beauty of modernity. The fervent imagination of harmonizing a natural feel has manifested in the soothing wood brown colour.

Firefly (Walnut/White)


Shaped like a FIREFLY, this 44-inch fan can be quite the roller coaster. With colour options in
White and Walnut, the FIREFLY comes with beautifully twisted ABS blades with a unique angle.
The bright LED light in the centre, along with the shape, makes this fan resemble a FIREFLY.


Hawk – Designer Fan

12,990.00 9,200.00

The Hawk is eco friendly, with 3D oscillation and with 360  oscillation.

The fan with remote control and coulour black and white available.

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The latest pedestal design by Fanzart is the futuristic-looking Humanoid – The fan with a human touch. Its human sensor senses the presence of people around and smartly adjusts its oscillation to keep it breezy, efficient and ecofriendly. Its remote control allows you to manually adjust up to 4 levels of oscillations and 3 different wind speeds. The advent of the Humanoid marks the evolution of smart pedestal
fans that can play both functional as well as aesthetic roles in any kind of interiors.



Quintessence of man’s ability to ideate and invent, the Invento is the world’s first recessed false ceiling fan. Perfect for offices, retail showrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and low ceilings, this technological marvel obviates the need for an air-conditioner and lets you enjoy its chill breeze with your ceiling left flat and
unblemished – too good to be true eh?

Invento Slim


Just because you got it, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it. Understated and veiled from prying eyes, the Invento Slim is a true fan for your false ceiling



Fan meets modern art. This intricately designed fan with intertwined LED art, that not only illuminates your room but gives you a powerful breeze. Introducing vortex blades, a new blade technology that displaces a voluminous amount of air. This 11-inch radius fan speeds up to 400 RPM, displacing 8,000 CFM
of air (something a 5-foot fan does).



Shaped similar to the attractive white-colour Magnolia flower, the Magnolia fan comes with 5 beautiful ABS blades that give a very refreshing breeze to any room that it may be in as well as an LED light in the middle that comes with 4 light options – Warm, Day, White AND mood lighting, which contributes greatly to any ambience. The beautiful matte white finish, along with the mood lighting and refreshing breeze makes Magnolia a new benchmark of desire.