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Metallica – Designer Fan

15,990.00 12,200.00

Meet the fan that’s quietly confident. Complete with a multi coloured LED kit and a remote control set.

The beauty of the ‘Metallica’ modern-designer fan lies in its minimalistic design accentuated by its matte silver finish.

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Vienna – Designer Fan

10,990.00 8,350.00

If subtlety is an art, then Vienna is a product of ingenious flair. Its specially treated plywood blades and Scandinavian design is bound to catch the eye.

The summer-winter feature will allow you to switch between the cool breeze and the warm and cozy effect.

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The Vienna’s imperial matte black & matte white finishes epitomise the elegance in minimalism.

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White Knight LED – Designer Fan

19,990.00 15,200.00

Like James Gordon said in the movie, “This is the hero your bedroom deserves”.
With palm-shaped blades packed into a sleek futuristic design, the Dark Knight can also light up your rooms with its multi-colour LED kit. What’s more? It’s available in 2 colour schemes. So, for Batman fanatics, you could choose between Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent.

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