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Avalon (White/Silver)

49,990.00 40,991.00

Inspired by the island of paradise, the Avalon is a 6 bladed ceiling fan that is ready to adorn your living
spaces with an enviable cooling ability. Reeking of elegance and style, it comes with 3 different LED
lighting variations. Sleek, never looked this stylish before, and is now available in white and silver.


Baby Neptune

29,990.00 24,591.00

Much like the planet it gets its name from, this fan’s unique scythe-shaped retractable blades cause a
ring-like illusion when in full swing. This next-gen contemporary fan is equipped with a radio- frequency
remote control as well as an LED light kit too.



32,990.00 27,051.00

Specially crafted wooden blades shaped like the leaves of the aromatic basil plant, hand-polished
natural shades rendering a burnished touch to the dome- can a fan get any prettier?



28,990.00 23,771.00

Here’s a designer ceiling fan for those who like to reinvent their space from time to time.
A contemporary ceiling fan with exquisite, rustic looking dome with a hand painted finish.


Caribbean (Natural/Dark Rattan)

26,990.00 22,131.00

The Caribbean, is the latest 5-blade semi-outdoor fan that makes you feel like you’re on a
Caribbean beach. This handwoven rattan-blade fan makes it a perfect match for both indoors as
well as outdoors. Available in Natural rattan as well as Dark rattan.



22,000.00 18,040.00

Inspired by one of the greatest symbols of female beauty, the Diana’s sheer elegance and classy design is sure to remind the onlooker of the princess once hailed as the embodiment of pulchritude. In addition to the exquisite artwork and regal wooden blades, this remarkable feat of engineering and creativity comes with a twin-bulb light kit and a remote control option.



30,000.00 24,600.00

Sleek, simplistic, and streamlined. The subtlety of Feather accentuates the beauty of modernity. The fervent imagination of harmonizing a natural feel has manifested in the soothing wood brown colour.



31,990.00 26,231.00

Shaped similar to the attractive white-colour Magnolia flower, the Magnolia fan comes with 5 beautiful ABS blades that give a very refreshing breeze to any room that it may be in as well as an LED light in the middle that comes with 4 light options – Warm, Day, White AND mood lighting, which contributes greatly to any ambience. The beautiful matte white finish, along with the mood lighting and refreshing breeze makes Magnolia a new benchmark of desire.



39,990.00 32,800.00

Crafted to perfection with five natural wooden blades, the Maple is powerful all right, and yet, retains the beauty of a freshly blossomed maple leaf. The epitome of elegance, its blades can be polished to match any lacquer finish colour, enabling it to double up as a gorgeous piece of home decor as well.


Marvel – Designer Fan

25,000.00 20,500.00

A fan called Marvel that runs on an AC motor. What we’re not jesting about is its nigh on perfect design, and its five crafted blades that add an aura of supremacy thanks to its matte white finish.

You will marvel at our Marvel –– it doesn’t get any better than this.

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Minion (White/Brown)

21,990.00 18,031.00

Inspired by the tail of a whale, this 28-inch Minion is powerful and multifunctional. Perfect for smaller spaces in your home, the Minion provides an excellent breeze along with light functionality in places where you need them both!


Nebula – Designer Fan

55,000.00 44,000.00

This interstellar fan comes from a land far, far away. Nebula is a two of a kind fan (Odyssey) with retractable blades that open up as the body descends. It comes with multicolour LED options, as well as Fanzart’s unique summer-winter feature.


Poppy – Designer Fan

35,000.00 28,500.00

Poppy, a prodigious performer is the true manifestation of loftier aerofoil structure and improved aerodynamics. Meet Poppy – the realisation of an un-expectable fusion of roundness and edginess.

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Propeller – Designer Fan

30,000.00 25,000.00

Here’s a fan for those who love to fly. Be it the special treated plywood blades modelled around jet plane propellers or the multi-coloured LED mounted dome, this stylish modern remote controlled fan has all it takes to sweep you off your feet.

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Rodeo – Designer Fan

30,000.00 24,500.00

Admirers are often at a loss to pick what makes the Rodeo so special. Is it the antique brass finish
or the hand-made natural Rattan blades or the stylish quad-pack LED lamp module? Well, even
we haven’t figured it out yet. Can you? The fact that this fan can also be used outdoors doesn’t
make answering the question any easier.

The ceiling fan use for resort, Farm House Indoor as well as Out door ,

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Salsa – Designer Fan

17,000.00 13,500.00

Salsa dancers are known for their speed and agility, which explains what went into naming this fan.The boomerang shaped blades arranged in a striking 3-prong design make the Salsa quite pleasing to the eye.