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32,000.00 26,000.00

Here’s a fan that wins blades down – literally. Yet another shining example of the creativity in the Fanzart think-tank, this remote-controlled beauty comes with specially-designed, foldable, transparent acrylic-fine blades.

Available in both matt silver as well as black colour schemes, the ‘Shadow’ is also equipped with a light kit.

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Steal – Designer Fan

15,000.00 12,300.00

Few appreciate the true value of subtlety. If you’re one of them, look no further ‘coz you’ve found your fan. With its special wooden blades painted in an imperial matte silver finish, this simple yet modern-designer fan, as the name suggests, is indeed quite a STEAL.

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this is metal body ceiling fan look just like steal.



Swing – Designer Fan

22,000.00 18,000.00

Simple yet elegant, conventional yet funky, this white-coloured three-blade fan is perfect for any kind of interiors.

With a noiseless yet brilliant breeze this fan truly SWINGs to your tunes.

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Twister – Designer Fan

29,000.00 23,780.00

The craftsmanship on show in this fan is so mesmerizing that it reminds one of the iconic Italian city, regarded by connoisseurs as one of the greatest hubs of art.This chef d’oeuvre from the Fanzart studio has as many as 14 foldable acrylic blades around a stunning LED mounted crystal dome. The remote control kit is indeed the cherry on this luscious cake.

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43,000.00 35,260.00

Here’s a fan that reminds one of the glorious art and architecture that characterize the Holy Sea. The reversible dual colour special wooden blades and the LED mounted amber dome are just a few of the many features that make this vintage designer fan a visual treat.


Wave Plus

29,990.00 24,591.00

Wave Plus – the Fan that draws inspiration from the ocean’s graceful and tubular wave formations and combines it with the sleek, yet modern design. It has an innovative curvy wooden twist veneer blade design with Mahogany Wooden Grain finish, that enhances its appearance, and sets new standards for its
outstanding performance.


Zephyr – Designer Fan

85,000.00 69,700.00

The gracefulness and elegance of this fan justifies its christening.

A breathtaking grid of crystals bespangle the multi-coloured LED mounted dome, while the transparent acrylic fine blades add to its ethereal beauty.

You could regulate the soft gentle breeze of the Zephyr with a remote too.

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