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Monalisa – Designer Fan

62,990.00 48,000.00

Named after arguably the greatest painting to have ever been made, the sheer grandeur of the Monalisa can leave onlookers awestruck.

Intricate medieval designs that adorn the dome and the scythe-shaped retractable blades make this fan a collector’s edition.

To add a nice touch of modern technology, this unique designer fan comes with LED kit and a remote control provision.

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Seagull – Designer Fan

24,990.00 19,000.00

Inspired by the wings of this maritime beauty, the SEAGULL, comes with White and
Chameleon-colour ABS blades and a bright LED light.

This fan challenges conventional norms by spinning clockwise to give you a cool breeze.

Feel the wind under the wings of a SEAGULL!!


White Knight LED – Designer Fan

19,990.00 15,200.00

Like James Gordon said in the movie, “This is the hero your bedroom deserves”.
With palm-shaped blades packed into a sleek futuristic design, the Dark Knight can also light up your rooms with its multi-colour LED kit. What’s more? It’s available in 2 colour schemes. So, for Batman fanatics, you could choose between Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent.

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