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Salsa – Designer Fan

17,000.00 13,500.00

Salsa dancers are known for their speed and agility, which explains what went into naming this fan.The boomerang shaped blades arranged in a striking 3-prong design make the Salsa quite pleasing to the eye.


Seagull – Designer Fan

25,000.00 20,000.00

Inspired by the wings of this maritime beauty, the SEAGULL, comes with White and
Chameleon-colour ABS blades and a bright LED light.

This fan challenges conventional norms by spinning clockwise to give you a cool breeze.

Feel the wind under the wings of a SEAGULL!!


Turbine – Designer Fan

45,000.00 36,900.00

We often forget that the same technology that keeps our rooms cool and ventilated can be used to power up entire cities.

With blades shaped like the vanes of a Francis Turbine, this funky designer fan boasts of a multi-colour LED light-kit and a remote control provision.

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Victoria- Designer Fan

25,000.00 20,500.00

Take a tour in history to the Victorian era- one that redefined class and vitality.

The Victoria combines an ornate red brass dome with an exquisite ring of LED lights to create a classy aura.

The pull chain mechanism adds the vital touch of retro that makes this vintage designer fan so special.

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Windflower – Designer Fan

42,990.00 35,251.00

A new age multi-colour LED chandelier fan that introduces a new concept of personalisation. Its mood lighting allows you to set the tone of your evening and its vortex blades that are small yet powerful gives you a deceptively breezy experience without compromising on the strong aesthetic.

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