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Poppy – Designer Fan

31,990.00 24,500.00

Poppy, a prodigious performer is the true manifestation of loftier aerofoil structure and improved aerodynamics. Meet Poppy – the realisation of an un-expectable fusion of roundness and edginess.

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27,690.00 21,000.00

Here’s a fan that wins blades down – literally. Yet another shining example of the creativity in the Fanzart think-tank, this remote-controlled beauty comes with specially-designed, foldable, transparent acrylic-fine blades.

Available in both matt silver as well as black colour schemes, the ‘Shadow’ is also equipped with a light kit.

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Wave White – Designer Fan

31,490.00 23,900.00

Uniquely crafted blades, with flamboyance and flair, to create a fan that adds an element of splendour to your room.

Wave is an ultra-modern fan, for a truly modern you.

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