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Wave Plus


Wave Plus – the Fan that draws inspiration from the ocean’s graceful and tubular wave formations and combines it with the sleek, yet modern design. It has an innovative curvy wooden twist veneer blade design with Mahogany Wooden Grain finish, that enhances its appearance, and sets new standards for its
outstanding performance.


Wave White – Designer Fan

31,490.00 23,900.00

Uniquely crafted blades, with flamboyance and flair, to create a fan that adds an element of splendour to your room.

Wave is an ultra-modern fan, for a truly modern you.

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White Knight – Designer Fan

16,990.00 13,000.00

The knight in shining armour – the ultimate symbol of grandeur.

With palm-shaped blades packed into a sleek futuristic design, this fan can blend seamlessly into any living space.

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White Knight LED – Designer Fan

19,990.00 15,200.00

Like James Gordon said in the movie, “This is the hero your bedroom deserves”.
With palm-shaped blades packed into a sleek futuristic design, the Dark Knight can also light up your rooms with its multi-colour LED kit. What’s more? It’s available in 2 colour schemes. So, for Batman fanatics, you could choose between Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent.

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Windflower – Designer Fan

39,990.00 30,400.00

A new age multi-colour LED chandelier fan that introduces a new concept of personalisation. Its mood lighting allows you to set the tone of your evening and its vortex blades that are small yet powerful gives you a deceptively breezy experience without compromising on the strong aesthetic.

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Zen – Designer Fan

27,990.00 21,300.00

Inspired by the Japanese concept of intellectual stimulation, it is the Zen’s simplicity that makes it so striking.

The multi-coloured LED kit and remote control option makes this modern-designer fan simply desirable.

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Zephyr – Designer Fan

79,690.00 60,500.00

The gracefulness and elegance of this fan justifies its christening.

A breathtaking grid of crystals bespangle the multi-coloured LED mounted dome, while the transparent acrylic fine blades add to its ethereal beauty.

You could regulate the soft gentle breeze of the Zephyr with a remote too.

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